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Angers, France

LATIOSSO fell in love with music 15 years ago. Japanese music flew along his blood and he started to learn guitar.

Thirsty for learning, he also learnt piano, bass and drums. Besides instruments, LATIOSSO stepped into music production 4 years ago and drove him to his first February’s Song Challenge one year later.

The first year, he released one beat per day, the second, one song per day and the third, one music video per day.

In tribute to all the greatest musicians, he can’t stop being creative and learning new instruments and technics. « I just want to feed my brain every day. ».


NAZCA gets into the art of Human Beatbox at the age of 13. Fascinated by vocal percussion, he specializes his techniques and grooves by the cleanliness of his sounds.

He reached the Top 16 tiers at the French Beatbox Championship 2022 in solo category and keeps competing throughout France.

Today, NAZCA strongly believes that acquiring new knowledges will make him grow as an artist. He also loves teaching with goodwill. To expand his creativity, NAZCA blends the art of Human Beatbox and Music Production into a single discipline.

Musically, NAZCA plays around Instrumental Trap Beats, Lo-fi Hip-Hop instrumentals, and Electronic productions in different genres.


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